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Yacht Charter


A yacht charter can be thought of as the perfect holiday. Travel to your chosen destinations at your own pace while surrounded by the comfort of your luxury yacht and enjoying the level of service only a dedicated crew can provide, all while enjoying the finest cuisine. Travel to some of the most exciting areas of the world with friends and family, and enjoy an absolutely unforgettable holiday experience.






The Yacht


Luxury yachts come in every shape, size and style. We will work with you to find your ideal charter yacht, covering every detail including style, lines and interior design as well as the right crew, amenities and equipment. Another factor is style of cruise you want ... multiple stops at some of the most exciting and fashionable destinations, or long slow days just enjoying the passage and some isolated hideaways.




The Guests


We can match you with a perfect yacht for your party. Every detail from the number of people to their preferences. Many charter yachts are well-equipped to handle young children, for example, with everything from removable safety rails near stairs to removing breakable objects. Charter guests with disabilities can now be easily accommodated with elevators between decks, wide passageways to accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, and crews trained to deal with special needs.



The Features


Many yachts have special features that may be of interest to you on your holiday. For example, a number of yachts will have a resident masseuse on board offering a qualified professional service including various treatments. Some yachts have domestic animal or pet facilities. Many large yachts are built with helipads that can accommodate helicopters for seamless transfer to and from the yacht with traffic free transfers. Also, activities available onboard can include such things as scuba diving and waterskiing.





When considering a holiday break the first question is likely to be where do you want to go? While that might be a more important question for a land based holiday it could fall second or third on your list of questions for a luxury yacht charter, especially when you realize you can easily fit several desirable destinations into the itinerary. Yacht are available worldwide, and can cater to your wishes to visit Mediterranean ports, or cruise the islands of French Polynesia.




The Food


Fine dining is one of the cornerstones of any luxury yacht charter. Every single detail of what you would like to have onboard for your charter will be taken care of. Your favourite foods and snacks, wines, desserts. Do you want formal meals or buffet style fare? Breakfast or casual brunches? What cooking style do you prefer? All are catered to on a luxury yacht charter vacation.




The Details


We can assist with every detail of your travel to and from the charter, at the same time liasing with the Captain and crew, so we can ensure all arrangements proceed without hindrance or delay. This care for every detail will ensure your luxury yacht charter is the experience of a lifetime.




It's Time


Are you interested in a yacht charter?

Contact us and tell us your requirements and wishes, and from this we can prepare a list of suitable yachts for your choice. We will create a charter that perfectly matches your dreams, from the perfect location and destinations, to you food choices, activities available, every single detail taken care of.



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