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IY Blue Magazine, while primarily based around yachting, includes articles and features on subjects across a spectrum of interests.

The publications currently cover such things as yachts, aircraft, automobiles, luxury real estate, travel destinations, entertainment and luxury goods. Our goal in producing the magazine is so we can present you with a publication that keeps you in touch with what we do, while giving you something ultimately readable and entertaining.




Issue 007


Issue 007 of IY Blue Magazine is due out in late April, 2022.

This issue will feature the charter yacht Delta One, a review of the new Bentley Blower 8 now being constructed by the manufacturer, a look at a local winery that's growing in popularity with each year, our brokerage feature on Ammoun of London, the new solar powered Sunreef 80 Eco catamaran, and news on the testing of a prototype for an electric hovercraft. .



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