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Are you looking to actually sell your yacht?

If so, consider the fact that listing your yacht with IY Blue will gain it much greater exposure and bring it to the attention of a far greater number of interested and qualified buyers than with any other brokerage house. We achieve this with a more effective spread of marketing activities than is currently the norm in the yacht brokerage industry, with the goal of selling your yacht for the best possible price in the shortest time possible.






At IY Blue we take on selling yachts as an active task.

Rather than just list on the MLS sites and sit back, we take a serious role in the marketing and selling of each yacht placed in our care. We professionally photograph each yacht featuring every detail, preferring quality images to badly prepared phone shots. For larger and higher value yachts we often create digital brochures and dedicated websites. In fact, whatever is needed to best represent the yacht to a potential buyer is carried out.







Our listing system reaches the highest number of direct buyers as well as the community of yacht brokers worldwide with whom we cooperate. When selling a yacht, this expansive network is available to all of our clients. As well as utilizing MLS systems, we find this direct contact with buyers and brokers provides faster results.

Consider listing your current yacht with IY Blue as soon as you wish, and marketing of the yacht will start the moment we receive the first images and specifications, and will not cease until she is sold.


selling scenario 001  

Baja 38 Special


A mature couple, the owners of a Baja 38, came to us frustrated after having their yacht listed with a local broker for over a year with no serious showings. Upon inspection the boat turned out to be absolutely immaculate, superbly optioned, and had been babied throughout its short life with the clients.

Our first move was to actively market the boat to both individuals and groups around the country, and within weeks we found a buyer in southern Texas through a promotion of the boat sent to a boating club in the area. The buyer purchased the Baja sight unseen based upon our inspection and representation of the boat.


selling scenario 002  

Versilcraft 92


Based in Europe, we marketed the vessel worldwide with the understanding of any changes that would have to be made to electrical systems if she left European waters.

Working with potential buyers, we informed them fully of necessary modifications and presented pre-prepared packages of equipment and pricing for such changes. This is typical of European based yachts, especially if they are brought to the U.S. and need modifications for voltage and cycle changes for systems and other electrical needs.

After all of that work, she actually sold locally. But, we were prepared for any scenario and questions. It is this experience that benefits clients who choose us to sell their yachts..


selling scenario 003  

SeaRay 370 AC


A client approached us to facilitate a fast sale of their SeaRay 370AC. The only issue was that it was early October in the Midwest and most boats were in, or going into, storage.

Rather than delay things we immediately began sending images and specifications to brokerage contacts nationally and internationally. Before October was out we had found a buyer in the Phillipines, had a survey conducted, organized land freight to Seattle, had a cradle built for shipping, and coordinated sea shipping for the boat to Subic Bay.


selling scenario 004  

Azimut 68


This yacht came to us in a time of glut in the market for such yachts. Seeing the market flooded with similar vessels domestically we called upon our contacts internationally.

Within a very short period we had sold the yacht to a client in Taiwan, through his broker, who was one of our regular contacts interested in such yachts becoming available.


selling scenario 005  

VanDutch 40


An exotic and relatively expensive craft, the VanDutch 40 required of us to find somebody that wanted exactly this boat ... not just a typical 40' boat buyer.

We marketed the yacht to our list of owners of larger yachts, including associated superyacht brokers. The tactic paid off when we found a buyer - himself a large yacht owner - interested in the particular styling of the yacht and that wanted to use it as a runaround in the intracoastal waterway between his home and nearby restaurants.





Your Choice


In choosing IY Blue to sell your yacht you will receive strong marketing efforts to boost the yachts profile. We will provide you with a direct link to potential buyers and can manage each and every detail as needed to ensure a smooth and correct transaction and transition.

While giving you realistic information and recommendations based on the market, we will take into account your yachts unique selling points and maximizs your yachts value. We will then apply every marketing tool feasible to ensure your yacht reaches the most qualified and potential buyers. With a buyer found we can work on your behalf to carry out negotiations, and to help carry out all inspections, trials and surveys correctly.



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